Dr. Marianne Spamer  February  2022  Newsletter


There is so much new here that it must be time for another newsletter.  We are now open 5-6 days a week for your dental  health and appointment convenience.   On January 15, 2022, Our Saturday expanded duty Registered dental assistant Donna and I will be in the office from 7 am to 2 pm, to pick up  phone calls,  answering your  insurance and medical questions, and dental health concerns. Donna is computer-savvy and trained in our Dentrix dental systems.  Donna’s resume includes many years in dental offices, and at UCSF Medical Center School of Dentistry. Her great knowledge of PPE, pandemic concerns is always helpful to us.  You can find us in the office :  Mondays 9-3, Tuesdays through Thursday  8-4:30,  Fridays  7 am to 2 pm, one or two  Saturdays each month, including February 26, March 12 and 26, April 23, and  May 14. For emergencies, our office phone 925-838-0066,  after hours calls Ring Central to alert us, but for direct emergency calls, you can reach Dr. Spamer’s cellphone at 925-389-6204.

Many patients  are complaining of true morning allergies and post nasal drip.  And Spring is not even here yet!!  I used to experience this often, until my wearing a mask around the house, when dusting and cleaning, in  the garage, while bathing the dog Bella Delilah Beagle, and while in our  garden and parks, helped a lot.  Daily allergy pills, generic  Riteaid  Zyrtec, Benadryl or Loratidine generic for  Claritin, work well, but after a season or two they lose effectiveness in your system, so you can rotate to another brand. Should you need a better sinus clearing, the Salt water Nasal rinses/ Netty pots are great every few days or week. If all else fails, the prescription nasal daily mist Flonase can be prescribed by me, your MD or your allergist. Sinus aches/ toothaches can lead to maxillary sinus pain, and sinus infections need antibiotics. A quick reminder:  check your own yard and landscaping.  Oleander shrubbery is fast growing pretty rose colors, but can cause pollen allergies especially if your windows are open.   Holiday Poinsettia are toxic to pets, so toss those!

We are at the office to help you, even with Covid questions and symptoms. We are not allowing patients with any symptoms to visit the office, so we appreciate your early calls and questions. We request  that any cancellations be 48 hours before appointments so we can spend that time with other patients.  Many Covid cases are causing mouth sores, irritations and trouble eating, flossing, brushing, so please reach out to us.  We are doing Teledentistry by phone,  or Zoom, to help you.  Please  Stay safe and healthy in 2022.

Dr. Marianne Spamer                               Marcel                          Donna