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Happy end of summer and back to school.  This summer was a collection of many weird weather patterns, so it almost felt much shorter.  July 1-8 week was hot and sunny for the Spamer family reunion in Discovery Bay.  To cool off we spent days at Fenton’s Creamery, Oakland (100 acre) Zoo and Children’s Fairyland at Lake Merritt.  Oakland Zoo’s new gondola to the California environmental walk now rivals the San Diego Zoo in size and upgraded animal habitats.  Four baby wolf pups were hiding on July 5th, due to July 4TH fireworks, but most other animals were visible from air and land.

Marcel and family’s summer vacations are over. It was a busy year with travels to Cuba, Bahamas, Thailand, Singapore and Bali. Bali was exciting as it was the first time white water rafting and to experience this in the jungle with the native wildlife (monkeys, civet cats) perching in the trees will always be remembered.  Traveling for the year has ended and the family is glad to be home with only a few local trips planned. The family will travel to the central coast in the upcoming weeks to visit Morro Bay, Avila Beach and Pismo Beach for a few last days of beach activities before the weather begins to change. Autumn is a great time for beach activities in southern California as the fog stays away from the coast.  The school year is beginning for the kids and with that a new school for Isaac Shane.  6TH Grade will be a new beginning with wonderful experiences.   Marcel and family will begin to plan next years’ vacation schedule in the upcoming months so feel free to share your 2019 vacations for ideas for the coming year.

We are open one Saturday a month for your convenience:  Saturdays, August 17th, October 5th, November 2ND and December 14TH.  We have no September Saturday as those days are for autumn fun.  On Saturday, September 7TH, The Spamers will head to Star Wars Land at Disneyland, and see the Halloween decorated “The Haunted Mansion”, “Cars land”, and the rest of Disneyland resort.

Our autumn days off for Thanksgiving will be Wednesday November 27TH, though Sunday December 1ST.  We will be open Monday December 2ND.

Our Winter Holiday vacation will be Saturday December 21-29TH. We will be working Friday December 20th for all emergencies and regular appointments and college student home for the holidays.  Dr Spamer will be in Portland / Vancouver, Washington with the usual 30 family members.  We hope for a little snow and a white Christmas just like 2017, but with tire chains this year.

We will return to the office and be open Monday December 30, and December 31s t (half day), and closed Wednesday January 1ST 2020.

Happy Holidays to you and your families. We are here if you need us. Emergency calls after hours can go to cel phone 925-389-6204.  Have wonderful, memorable moments with your family!


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