Summer 2017 Newsletter

Happy summer vacation to all our patients and their families.  The last six months have flown by, so it’s time for the latest newsletter for you to pick up at your check up appointment. Everyone is six months older and it really shows with Dr. Spamers 3 ½ year old grandson, James Oliver.  He is now 40” tall, telling jokes, and asking a million questions:  he could have a great future as a dentist. The Spamer’s gifted themselves annual passes to Disneyland and California Adventure for their holiday presents.  Only Space Mountain and the Matterhorn are still off limits with their 42” height requirement, but not for long.  Splash Mountain was a big hit and replacement when our favorite ride Pirates of the Caribbean was closed.  Visits to SoCal every 2-3 weeks keep the family in frequent contact.  This years’ Spamer winter 2017 vacation is with 27 relatives in Vancouver, Washington near Portland.  Six of us will stay in Portland to enjoy the sights, coffee, bookstores, Voodoo Donuts, seafood and holiday decoration, in the morning or evenings, before or after family celebrations.   Family tradition of 27 of us at The Nutcracker Ballet, have been replaced by snow tubing or bowling, as the girls are outnumbered by the boys 3 to 1.  Football and basketball televised will also prevail with “time-out” for the traditional Peanuts and Rudolph cartoons.

Marcel and family’s trip to Cairo, Istanbul and Paris in April was eventful for the family. The trip was a wonderful and exciting learning experience for Isaac.  This July their family travel to the Fiji Islands for a reunion and celebration of Grandpa’s retirement. A traditional Fiji Style Luau will be held to honor the guests and retirement celebration for Grandpa.  The family will then fly to Sydney Australia to visit Darling Harbor and the Sydney Opera House. A trip north will be made to hike to the Three Sister Mountain to take in its scenic landscape. The Sonoma Coast / Mendocino County along Highway One will be a prime destination for the family as they explore lesser traveled beaches of Northern California and get ready for the new school year for Isaac Shane.

Rachael has been busy fulltime with her pre-requisites for dental hygiene school at DVC.  She even had to skip a family vacation to Hawaii to study for her classes.  We wish her all good luck with her studies and know she will be a fantastic dental hygienist in just a few years.

Summer vacation will be 5 days in Laguna Beach to coincide with Marcel’s family vacation.  The office will be closed from July 18-23rd. Dr. Spamer can be reached by phone at 925-389-6204 or through our new Ring Central phone service.  The Spamers will slather themselves with sun screen and go to the beach, hike, and dinners and relax at the cottage.

Our office is open Mondays through Thursdays 8:30 to 5 pm.  We are open Saturday, June 24, and July 15th and for your convenience and Saturday every couple months.  Our Ring Central phone system at 925-838-0066 and office website: operates 24/7 for you to contact us, ask questions, and request appointments online.  All of our newsletters are on our website as well.  Enjoy your summertime with your families and remind your college kids to call for their 6-month recall appointments.   Have a delightful summer!



Dr. Spamer                                                                          Marcel                                                                                             Rachael