Winter Holiday Newsletter 2018

“The Joy of brightening other lives becomes for us the Magic of the Holidays!”

We at the office and our families wish you and yours the most wonderful 2018 Holiday Season!  An amazing Thanksgiving with dozens of relatives set a high standard for all Holidays to follow!  The cooking was absolutely delicious and the turkeys named “ Beatrice and Brocoli” were mouth- watering.

December Holidays will be more local:  Local visits to food banks and other charities will bring the meaning of these Holidays home.Dr Spamer and family will celebrate the “in-laws”  Christmas, as Thanksgiving was with our immediate family of 24 ”outlaws”

Serving holiday dinner at a church or shelter, or donating turkeys is top on Dr. Spamer’s List.


Our dental office is now decorated for the Holidays, and looks so inviting, bright and cheery!  The tree has family ornaments and some classic Disney toys under the branches.  It is always fun to decorate and add more each year.  Sport team wreaths are up and lights are all over Marcel’s desks.


The highlight of the Spamers’ holidays is tickets to the Disney Concert Hall, Downtown LA, Christmas Music concert. Their Opus 24 Rosales organ has 6,134 pipes from 32 feet to inches long. The sound is magnificent! There are 80 thumb controls and 28 piston toe controls. I hope this will be a new family tradition. Disneyland Holiday decorations and California Adventure Santa vehicles are on our list to view. The park will be crowded all summer with Star Wars Land, and annual passes will not be allowed all summer- only cash tickets to the park! Disappointing, but often hot, crowded, and minimal shade anyway.


Football is another family highlight: Notre Dame won for Aunt Marti, Washington State played well for my niece in Vancouver, WA.  Northwestern won a lot for my niece and brother. Ohio State did great for my niece and nephew-in-law.  But what happened to our family teams:  UCLA, Cal, and CLU?  Maybe next year!


Marcel and his family will celebrate the Christmas holiday at home this year, as the family has just returned from Indianapolis Indiana for Thanksgiving celebration. The family is looking forward to their annual “Nightmare Before Christmas”, The Walking Dead fan fest where Isaac Shane gets to dress as his favorite character from the show and meet favorite past and current cast members. Marcel and family have a couple of snow vacations coming up in December. The rains have brought the snow and the Sierras should be ready for plenty of fun in the upcoming weeks. Soon the new year will arrive and with family vacations being scheduled, please make sure to schedule your upcoming appointment in plenty of time. Marcel will travel to Laguna Beach in March then the family will make their way to Havana Cuba for a few days to relax and enjoy the local foods and culture. Our office will be open on Saturdays December 15th 2018, January 26th, and March 30th 2019 for the convenience of our patients.  We are closed for the Holidays, December 21st thru 26th and then working Thursday Dec 28th and Friday December 28TH.



“The Winter Holidays wave a magic wand over this world and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful may your family Holidays be beautiful and your 2019 A Magic Year!”



Dr. Marianne Spamer and Family


Marcel Smith and Family