Autumn Newsletter


Happy autumn and holiday season! Now that summer vacations are over we are back in the office again Mondays through Thursdays with weekend coverage available. We have early 8am appointment times, as well as over lunch hours and last appointments are 4:30pm. Please be sure to plan appointments for your college students on vacation. We can see them some Mondays and Tuesdays-Thursdays, we may add a Saturday in December before the year ends.

Your dental insurance maximum expires December 31, 2016, so call Marcel at 925-838-0066. Marcel can print out the balance left on your insurance.

We will be closed Wednesday November 23rd-28th for the Thanksgiving holiday and back on November 29th. We are open Monday and Tuesday November 21 & 22 for your convenience.

Good news: The Spamer family of 6 survived Hurricane Matthew in Orlando Florida 10/6/16-10/07/16. Disney World left one flashlight in our room and that was “free.” No other warnings, food, or water. We were lucky to get the last room service delivery out at 7:30pm (two hours late) and a free pizza!

We stayed indoors for the curfew until Saturday 10/8/16 and got 5 free Park Hoppers for 10/8 or 10/9. Eric and his wife went to Universal Studios, but Mom (Dr. Spamer) used her free EPCOT Pass. The annual 2-month EPCOT food festival, Halloween Decorations, and oldie Christmas shop were all going on simultaneously for great eats and presents. Maya paid for a photo pass and we had 280 professional photos of our family taken!

Our best foods the photos were in “EPCOT France”- Delicious braised beef, chocolate cream Brule, ice cream and macaroon sandwiches! Photos were digital so they were able to add Tinker Bell, Ratatouille and a huge bouquet of balloons. Lots of fun was had with only two bad days!

With soccer coming to an end weekend schedules are finally opening back up. Marcel and his family are preparing for the Autumn with a trip to Apple Hill, in Placerville to spend the day picnicking and picking apples at Bill’s farm. Halloween decorations are up and spooking up the house as Isaac Shane prepare for his yearly Halloween bash with all his friends! Before the cold weather creeps up, Marcel hopes to squeeze in one more family camping trip to the Sierras before the snow seasons starts. Once it does start to snow everyone is keeping their fingers crossed for a better ski season that the previous years.

Rachael is back at DVC completing her degree for dental hygiene. She will be staying close to town for the holidays and enjoying spending time with her family from out of town. She has started to decorate her house with all kinds of fun decorations and is very excited to pass out candy to trick-or-treaters.

Wishing you all a happy autumn and beginning of the holiday season!




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